Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Parishioners and Friends of St. Mary of the Assumption Demand a Meeting with the Archdiocese

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, December 31, 2012 CONTACTS: Barbara Burke (English) (908) 578-2877 Felix4446@aol.com Maritsa Jaramillo (Spanish) (848) 203-4310 malicha16@hotmail.com ***PRESS RELEASE*** Parishioners and Friends of St. Mary of the Assumption Protesting Decision by the Archbishop Holding Press Conference to Demand a Meeting for the Archdiocese to Explain Reasons for Removal of All of the Priests at St. Mary’s Newark, NJ- Beginning at 11 am on Wednesday January 2nd, people from Elizabeth and the surrounding communities will gather to show their love for the priests of St. Mary’s and their disapproval of the abrupt decision of the Archbishop John J. Myers right before Christmas to remove all of the priests. “It is our belief that such a drastic event warrants a thorough explanation and dialogue, neither of which has happened,” said Barbara Burke, a spokeswoman for the parish, in a letter addressed to the Archbishop. The parishioners are also asking for assurances “that our church, school and ministries are retained.” Who: Members and friends of the parish of St. Mary of the Assumption in Elizabeth including community & faith leaders, and community members What: Press conference Where: in front of the Archdiocesan Center- 171 Clifton Ave., Newark, NJ When: 11:00 AM Members of the parish will be making statements about the removal of all of their priests by Archbishop Myers. Other members of the community will be making statements about how important the work of the parish of St. Mary’s is to the City of Elizabeth and the surrounding communities. The parishioners and friends began organizing as soon as they heard the news that all of their priests were told to leave. The Facebook page “We Stand with Fr. Jack Martin & the Priests & Parishioners of St. Mary’s” has gained over 400 members in just over 2 days. A story about the removal of all of the priests , which quoted parishioners, was published in the Star Ledger on Christmas Day. ### About St. Mary of the Assumption The parish began serving Irish immigrants working on the railroads and local factories in 1845. Parishioners built their present church in 1858, making it the oldest Roman Catholic church in Union County. Today it continues to serve the people who work in the factories and the nearby port some descendants of the Irish immigrants, but many who arrived in newer waves of immigrants including Central and South America and the Philippines. It has grown to include a high school and a convent. Among its many ministries, its parish family cares for the impoverished and the homeless providing shelter and distributing food and other necessities through its food pantry.


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